11 AUGUST 2021


Another private loading point at Hotel Praia Azul located in an extreme beauty area on the cliff of Praia Azul.

Photos by hotel authorship.
Pay a visit to the Hotel and / or restaurant with great food and allow you to load up to 11 kW.

Happy vacation and good work for the few working in August 🙂

30 May 2021

Hotel Boavista Melgaço

Another ChargeSurfing partner, Hotel Boavista Melgaço.

Max power of 15kW.
Example of service values for power of 11 kW, since 0.0209 € per minute (varies depending of daily hourly rate).

At the most economical time 11kWh will be approximately € 1.25 already with VAT.

Another partner who chooses the value per minute depending on the charge power, fairer for all eletric vehicles and hybrid plugin.

Want to have a load point in your space for you and your clients?
You can charge your vehicle the way you do now, just at the cost of your energy, but those who come from outside pay for the service.
Contact us.
Copyright from the photo: Hotel Boavista Melgaço

15 FEBRUARY 2021

Estalagem da Ponta do Sol

New ChargeSurfing post in Madeira! Come load at 22 kW on Estalagem da Ponta do Sol!

14 de MARCH 2021


2 more loading stations at Sano Técnica with a great location, next to Pingo-Doce and CRIL, one step from Lisbon.

Power of 11 kW per post.
Loading service at 11 kW with a value of  2.64 € / hr already with VAT. 🙂

If your vehicle carries less than 11 kW, ChargeSurfing is fair, loading service is smaller.

Visit us and good electrons.

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